pay the value

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No mere money would begin to pay the value of this treasure, the sifted pickings of centuries of war, plunder, trade, and taxation.
Director of the General Establishment of Grains Marketing and Manufacturing Majed Hmaidan told SANA reporter that the establishment has opened 29 centers of wheat purchase across the country and the purchase lists are sent to the branches of the agrarian banks in three days to pay the value of the marketed grains to the farmers.
The recommendations also stipulate that each body punish violators of the system, while some violations are to be referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution to force them to pay the value of the products they collected or used in industry.
The official asked how the Ministry of Petroleum would be able borrow in order to repay part of debts due to foreign partners while opening a letter credit to pay the value of the LNG shipments.
One of the measures we may take in the future is to urge the merchants not to pay the value added tax which is due in November," Chammas said, speaking on behalf of the group.
MAY I point out to Clr Christine Smith (Mailbag, August 5) that tenants who rent in the private sector also pay the value of their homes many times over?
Ministers and their aides have to declare any gift worth more than PS140 and pay the value above that sum if they want to keep it.
We work the longest to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) - 39 days; 29 days to pay for retirement and health insurance, 26 days to pay for excise duties, 11 day for income taxes and 10 days for corporate taxes.
My employer has refused to pay the value of my air ticket as I am not taking a holiday, but should I choose to go back home to Australia, he is prepared to pay for my ticket, but will not give me a cash allowance for it.
Hamilton & Partners, a broker with branches in London, Newmarket, Cirencester and County Kildare, and Amlin Plus, a Lloyds underwriter, are offering a policy that will pay the value of the nomination fee for a viable foal who is born before January 1.
Requiring the tenant to replace or pay the value of any items which became damaged, destroyed or defective during the course of the tenancy regardless of whether the tenant was at fault;
The city is required by law to pay the value of a billboard to its owners when it is removed involuntarily, a very expensive proposition.