pay the value

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No mere money would begin to pay the value of this treasure, the sifted pickings of centuries of war, plunder, trade, and taxation.
Then, if they are chopped down the developer or agency responsible has to pay the value into a Tree Bank which would then be used to pay for new planting nearby.
Hisham Safwat, CEO of Jumia Electronic Trading Company, said that the company is in the process of providing a service to pay the value of purchases through Fawry machines, expecting to launch the new service by the end of this year.
Ullah Tarand said today we are able to pay the value of land to the affectees of CPEC and soon we will start payments to other people at
He was ordered to pay the value of the items in compensation and fined PS100.
He pointed out that such rules would reduce the risks to which market brokers are exposed to due to clients failure to pay the value of the shares they purchase as the clients failure to pay obligates the companies to pay from their own accounts, which is additional financial burden and might affect their efficiency.
Director of the General Establishment of Grains Marketing and Manufacturing Majed Hmaidan told SANA reporter that the establishment has opened 29 centers of wheat purchase across the country and the purchase lists are sent to the branches of the agrarian banks in three days to pay the value of the marketed grains to the farmers.
One of the measures we may take in the future is to urge the merchants not to pay the value added tax which is due in November," Chammas said, speaking on behalf of the group.
MAY I point out to Clr Christine Smith (Mailbag, August 5) that tenants who rent in the private sector also pay the value of their homes many times over?
My employer has refused to pay the value of my air ticket as I am not taking a holiday, but should I choose to go back home to Australia, he is prepared to pay for my ticket, but will not give me a cash allowance for it.
Hamilton & Partners, a broker with branches in London, Newmarket, Cirencester and County Kildare, and Amlin Plus, a Lloyds underwriter, are offering a policy that will pay the value of the nomination fee for a viable foal who is born before January 1.
Requiring the tenant to replace or pay the value of any items which became damaged, destroyed or defective during the course of the tenancy regardless of whether the tenant was at fault;