pay towards

See: subsidize
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In a previous letter, I stated the fact that I would be willing to pay towards the free bus pass, the free prescriptions and an increase in the council tax if the SNP Government were brave enough to introduce the same, as long as the money raised was spent on health and education and not squandered willy-nilly.
Both councils pay towards the running costs of the centre, yet residents in Stockton have to pay to dispose of household rubble, whilst those in Middlesbrough get it free.
I want to reassure Joe Fordham and everyone else that the Combined Authority does not mean that we have to pay towards Birmingham parks.
WHILE watching Andrew RT Davies on BBC's Ask The Leader debate, he told his audience that if he is in charge of the Assembly after the elections, he would use the student grant money to pay towards their rents instead.
LIZ MALE (MENTOR AT JSPT HEALTH STUDIO): I think if anyone who becomes ill through drinking, smoking or drug taking and they have been advised to stop because of it and they choose to ignore the advice and continue then yes 100% they should have to pay towards their NHS treatment JAMES CONWAY (BODY TRANSFORMATION COACH): I 100% believe they should still pay towards the NHS because we as a country are one unit that has to work together and play their part in terms of giving something back.
His legal team argued no more than PS375,000 would be a fair sum for the father-of-three to pay towards last year's PS1.
TOBACCO companies should be forced to pay towards reducing smoking.
Plus how much Tesco has paid towards it and just how much council taxpayers are going to have to pay towards it.
HOW come everyone except George Osborne can see that his harebrained and insane "Help to Buy" scheme to "boost the housing market" by forcing taxpayers to pay towards buyers' deposits and guarantee their mortgages will create a bust that will make Gordon Brown's effort seem like a blip?
WE who go to work and pay towards the benefit culture are always under threat of an investigation by the taxman if we underpay our dues to them, so why don't they investigate the scroungers who spend our money in wasteful ways particularly in betting shops and pubs?
LICENSING chiefs are to discuss whether to introduce a 'late night levy' on bars and clubs in order to help pay towards the cost of policing the city centre.
A cap on what people pay towards the cost of their care is expected to be set at about PS75,000.