pay wages

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Earlier,27 labourers of Badin and adjoining areas on offer of contractor worked at Gulail branch construction Pir Patho district Thatta where said contaractor after some days of work assured to pay wages to labourers on return of Badin but he denied to pay wages
27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (failure to pay wages within the established period), the guilty organization was sentenced in the form of administrative fine.
The suspect admitted the crime, saying he stabbed the victim with a knife after the captain ignored repeated calls to pay wages of 7 million won ($6,540), police said.
The bill also provides that the employer shall be liable along with the payroll master for failure to pay wages without any justifiable reason and the employer shall be imposed a fine of P500,000 and a suspension of business operations for 30 days for the first offense.
The strike is an attempt to pressure the state to pay wages according to the new salary scale, especially after the annulment of the tax hike bill, which had been planned to fund the increased wages.
Workers will no longer need to report to the Ministry of Manpower when they do not receive their salaries," the ministry said in an online statement, adding: "As the wage protection program will notify the ministry of any delay by businesses to pay wages.
Sectors most likely to abuse workers, such as failing to pay wages, include sports activities, amusement and recreation, food and beverage services, arts and entertainment, and construction, according to the research which was funded by the Trust For London charity.
Companies must pay wages that are higher than the average factory wage in the county in order to be eligible for economic development incentives.
Such companies must pay wages within a period not exceeding 10 days from the registered payday in the wages protection system (WPS).
Global Banking News-August 24, 2016--Former central bank head says Tunisia could struggle to pay wages
FAISALABAD -- Acting DCO Ijaz Khaliq Razzaqi on Monday directed kiln owners to pay wages to kiln worker according to rates fixed by the government, otherwise strict legal action would be taken against them.
If they fail to pay wages at the end of this month, the players would be permitted to give 12 days' notice on their contract and walk away for nothing.