pay wages

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The Government has found UAH 2 billion to help those areas that have the lack of funds to pay wages to workers of a budgetary sphere.
As per the new rules, companies are required to set up bank accounts for workers and pay wages electronically.
We have contacted KVA and discovered that they don't intend to pay wages.
High-level graduates will be oered a bursary package to rival oers they would normally attract from employers, such as accountancy rms, which usually pay wages during training.
The money would go to the occupied West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, Bseiso said, and a "special fund" would be set up to pay wages while the government discussed how to resolve the issue.
These funds will be used to repair hospitals, purchase necessary medical equipment and medicines, pay wages for health care workers, reported Avesta with reference to head of the health department of Khujand city Abdumutalib Karimov.
Since 2011, most companies and commercial organisations are struggling to survive as the crisis has affected Bahrain's economy badly and thus most companies have not been able to pay wages on time.
s short-lived eatery Us Restaurant for neglecting to pay wages shortly before the eatery closed its doors in September.
Allowing Wal-Mart to pay wages that are so low that workers are unable to support themselves and their families is reprehensible.
There are employers who pay wages and have to record for National Insurance credits - they must record who their workers are, and cover them for injury, with a private firm if not national.
If the football club concerned can pay wages of PS100,000 per week to its players, surely it is the least they can do?
Countries thrive on business and the creation of finance to pay wages, council tax, business tax, and the purchase of everything else needed for running such a concern.