pay wages

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Several media organizations did not pay wages to their media workers for last several months,she added.
In addition, the company received Bankruptcy Court approval to, among other things, continue ongoing payments and services without interruption to member florists and business partners supporting the company's operations, manage its continuing relationships with vendors and customers, and pay wages and benefits for continuing employees.
"Chambers of commerce across the country report falls in cash flow because money tied up in stock is not available to drive exports or pay wages."
As a result, the department issued a letter, demanding the company owners pay wages to the workers.
Linda Cunegin and her company Tri-County Home Nursing Services were charged with first-degree scheme to defraud and nine counts of failure to pay wages in accordance with the labor law of the State of New York.
The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 has been amended by Payment of Wages (Amendment) Act, 2017 (effective from 28.12.2016) to enable the employers to pay wages to their employees by (a) cash or (b) cheque or (c) crediting to their bank account.
Kulasegaran said the council is submitting a proposed minimum wage to the cabinet, taking into consideration socio-economic factors such as the employer's ability to pay wages, productivity rate, cost of living index and current labour market conditions - such as the current employment rate.
He has his work cut out after Villa needed emergency loans just to pay wages and tax demands.
"Such companies do not pay wages to the employees, because they do not have any employment agreements with employees.
We seem to have no old people's homes, I know they subsidise the elderly with their care package if they don't have funds to cover the cost, but they don't have to pay wages, heating, lighting, water, food.
The company expects to create 21 jobs and pay wages averaging $15.67 per hour at its site at 9800 Hemingway Ave.
A network combining the Palestinian groups said in a statement the petition urged Palestinian President Hamoud Abbas to immediatley pay wages of public servants to preserve social fabric.