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AN NHS boss and adviser to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has received a pay-off worth PS410,000 on top of his annual salary, figures show.
The largest pay-off was PS244,000 to one council officer, with three others receiving severance deals of more than PS200,000, and 35 receiving more than PS100,000.
Considering the number of times politicians come to power promising to take a scythe to public expenditure, you'd think things like PS330,000 pay-off for a council chief executive would be a thing of the past.
Mark Thompson said the pay-off given to his deputy Mark Byford was justified - even though it was double what he was entitled to.
HE details of the pay-off that secured the exit of a TNewcastle City Council chief executive will take some people by surprise.
The investigation was sparked after George Entwistle, the former director general, stood down over the Jimmy Savile scandal with a PS450,000 pay-off - double the amount he was entitled to.
Line up your debts according to size, putting the one with the shortest pay-off time at the top and the one with the longest term at the bottom," says Hunt.
Former NatWest chief executive Mr Derek Wanless, left, walked away from the company with a pounds 3 million pay-off, according to company accounts published yesterday.
The pay-off to P&G is on the left of each pair.
Former director-general MARK Thompson (inset), one of seven witnesses called by the Public Accounts Committee, was forced to deny a charge that the BBC had "lost the plot" when it agreed a pay-off of almost PS1 million to his former deputy, MARK Byford.
He said he had already announced moves to cap payments at PS150,000 and improve the pay-off process.