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Justly due; legally enforceable.

A sum of money is said to be payable when a person is under an obligation to pay it. The term may therefore signify an obligation to pay at a future time, but when used without qualifi-cation, it ordinarily means that the debt is due to be paid immediately.

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1) adj. referring to a debt which is due. A debt may be owed, but not yet payable until a certain date or event. 2) n. a debt which is due. "Payables" are all the liabilities (debts) of a business.

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The copy of the EO released to reporters on Friday said, 'The existence of prior years' accounts payable in the books of accounts of agencies unnecessarily immobilizes public funds, hampers efforts to determine the actual financial condition of the national government and hinders effective resource planning and allocation.'
Attributing all of the increase in payables days to reverse factoring would be disingenuous, given the effect that restocking, capital investments, M&A and more traditional supply chain management techniques could have on payables days.
The central bank report only highlighted the long-term loans payable by groups of foreign and local financial institutions.
Corcentric is a leader in financial process automation, specializing in Accounts Payable automation, e-invoicing, PO requisitioning and imaging, and workflow solutions.
SCF presents the opportunity to optimize working capital, largely in the context of extending payment terms, thus increasing days payable outstanding (DPOs).
This offering marks ADP's entry into providing services to the accounts payable market.
Savings from outsourcing generally range from 25 percent to 50 percent annually, according to David Schnitt, president of IQ BackOffice, which specializes in handling accounts payable and other critical labor-intensive accounting processes.
The Trade Payables program significantly reduces DSO from the traditional net of 30, 60, 90 days to now two or three days.
Unlike cash-method payables, the working-capital loan constitutes a "liability." The partnership's assumption of this liability results in a deemed cash distribution to Peary.
If tax was charged correctly or within a tolerance level, the invoice should proceed through the payables system for full payment.
If, for example, you took out a $150,000 loan, payable over 10 years, the entire debt is not counted as a current liability.
The group probably is aging its payables to outside specialty groups to maintain current in-house physician salaries and overhead.