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Investigation in the case further revealed that the amount to carry out the deed was payed near Hussaini Building, Karachi.
She said the owner of the animal payed a fine for having let the animal roam on the road reserve.
The Ambassador of Norway has lauded the role being payed by Sudan in support of stability of the region.
At the same time, he noted that there are spheres - high technology, where people are already being payed a high salary and Bulgarians working abroad are already returning home.
In a Twitter post, Healy said: "Who came up with payed meet and greets?"
BRADGATE Park Trust has payed its respects to their most famous resident Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen.
The meeting touched on the role of payed by the ministries and institutions concerned in stimulating the infrastructure and service sectors and in focusing on the available investment opportunities.
The Dam Busters Barnes Wallis had a daring secret plan A unique bouncing bomb to destroy the Ruhr valley dams Guy Gibson was leader of the mission To destroy the German water system Nineteen Lancaster bombers set of one dark dismal night Planning to give the Germans a nasty fright Facing massive flak the pilots done their best They dropped their ten-ton bombs and put the dams to the test Two dams were breached this historic night But the squadron payed a very high price Water cascaded from the breached dams Drowning civilians and flooding the German lowlands Fifty three air crew and eight planes lost Apparently the damage done was worth the great cost GEORGE MCLANDERS
He said that Mushtaq Kamlani will be admitted in the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) and all the expenses will be payed by the federal government.
On April 26, the UNT Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band payed tribute to the legacy of the three professors by featuring them in a transcription of a trio from Mozart's The Magic Flute.
He said Parliamentarians were not being given free tickets but the government payed ticket price on behalf of law makers.