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The person who is to receive the stated amount of money on a check, bill, or note.


n. the one named on a check or promissory note to receive payment.


noun acceptor, assignee, consignee, devisee, donee, drawer, endorsee, grantee, recipient, taker, transferee
See also: beneficiary, heir, holder, recipient, transferee

PAYEE. The person in whose favor a bill of exchange is made payable. Vide Bills of Exchange.

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There is no liability to make this payment after the death of the payee spouse.
In this connection, two sensible questions arise in any reasonable minds which are - is it well enough to uphold the real meaning of justice in favour of innocent payee and does the practical scenario of NI Act cases effectively deter the criminals to do the same crime in future?
In some cases, Slayton said, a judge knows the official Social Security payee has a criminal background.
Child support payments do not qualify as alimony or maintenance payments, and therefore are not deductible by the paying spouse or included in the payee spouse's income.
Here's an excerpt of the wording from a typical loss payee clause:
This occurs because participating payees may, for example, report card payments on a net basis in their income tax returns while PSEs report gross payments on Forms 1099-K.
They pointed out that the requirement for listed companies to disclose the payees of dividends is unreasonable because under the current capital market structure, compliance of listed companies with the subject regulations is dependent on the voluntary and accurate disclosure of third parties.
Provide an alternate payee or participant with any form of benefit or any option not otherwise provided under the plan;
Attempting to have taxes related to the alternate payee distribution paid from the participant's account; and
4) Once a withholding agent has an obligation to make a qualifying cross-border payment, the agent must obtain information from the foreign payee, regarding significant financial involvement the payee has with U.
Except for the risk of counterfeiting, the payee could be confident that funds were good.
Academics have developed a system which has the benefits of easy, electronic money transfer while preserving physical attributes of something that is handed to the payee.