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The person who is to receive the stated amount of money on a check, bill, or note.


n. the one named on a check or promissory note to receive payment.


noun acceptor, assignee, consignee, devisee, donee, drawer, endorsee, grantee, recipient, taker, transferee
See also: beneficiary, heir, holder, recipient, transferee

PAYEE. The person in whose favor a bill of exchange is made payable. Vide Bills of Exchange.

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The unified cloud-based system helps accounts payable organizations manage the entire supplier payment workflow, from payee onboarding through to tax and regulatory compliance, supplier payment remittance across the world, payee communications, through to Form 1099 / 1042-S tax preparation and payment reconciliation reporting.
Forms 1099-K are due to participating payees by Jan.
Some retirement plans allow alternate payees to elect to receive a lump-sum payment of the separate interest at any time.
Given the relatively high volume of potential payments excluded from the OCB exception for a withholding agent in those latter industries--as well as the requirement that the agent must collect Forms W-8BEN-E in any case (for purposes of chapter 3 withholding)--it may be easier from a systems perspective to require all foreign payees to provide FATCA information upfront, rather than face the prospect of tracking down Forms W-8BEN-E if and when excluded interest arises.
To establish foreign status, payees generally must submit a completed Form W-8BEN to the payer prior to payment.
Improving the social security representative payee program; serving beneficiaries and minimizing misuse.
If the payee is set up to accept electronic payments, your payment is automatically debited from the account you selected and deposited electronically into the payee's account, just as if you had written a check.
Female Customer Type Status * Mrs Ames Payee U Mary Archer Depositor C Mrs Jane Armytage Payee CF Mrs Begiant Payee CF Mrs Bennett Payee C Mrs Mary Ann Beveridge Payee CF Mrs Brodie Payee U Mrs Brown(e) Payee U Mrs Campbell Payee, BC shareholder Mrs Clarke Payee U Miss Collicott Payee CF Mrs Cooper Payee C/CF?
Cutting the checks will end the recipients' contact with most payees, who can be a stabilizing force.
He pointed to safeguards against fraud: checks were sent to third-party payees, usually organizations that paid a recipient's bills, rent and food costs.
Designed with both the payers and payees in mind, Citi Payment Exchange can help manage the time-consuming task of marketing to and enrolling an organization's vendors.
As the appointed representative payee for his teenage son, Black received over $26,000 in disability benefits for a period of 12 months between November 2007 and November 2008.