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payor (payer)

n. The one who must make payment on a promissory note.

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Through the model, the most significant payers throughout the state Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health care payers will incentivize health care value and quality, with a focus on health outcomes, under the same payment structure for the majority of providers throughout the states care delivery system.
In response to numerous requests from the payer community, the Service issued Notice 2006-93, which provides transition relief in connection with the 2006 Form 1099-INT requirement for reporting exempt interest.
The physicians agreed that they will not individually pursue a payer offer unless and until they are notified by NTSP that NTSP has permanently discontinued negotiations with the payer.
In exchange, the third-party payer has no influence over the recovery process other than the opportunity to make a claim (or object) at the end of the claims procedure.
Young, a Chicago-area physician for more than 50 years and the PNHP's own happy warrior, recalls how supporters of single payer were cut off by Hillary Clinton with a curt "It's not feasible" during the early stages of what would turn out to be a bombastic and fruitless reform megaproject.
Do you support a provider => payer 1 => payer 2 => provider model?
Where the service provider demonstrates that the required 15-percent withholding tax will exceed its ultimate Canadian tax liability, CCRA may authorize a reduction in the amount that the Canadian payer is required to withhold.
Second, the case manager should determine if the payer uses standards of care or a defined set of best practices.
The McDermott proposal is the best proposal to meet this country's health-care needs," says Barbara Otto, coordinator of the grass-roots lobbying organization SPAN (Single Payer Across the Nation).
To be sure, we wish the Clintons had used a Canadian-style single payer system as a working model for health reform.
Form W-9: The most basic mistake a payer can make is failing to obtain from a payee Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.