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Paying for editorial coverage is always undesirable.
When individual clients receive an income tax refund, a bonus, an inheritance or another windfall--or even have some extra cash on hand after paying off their bills--they have a number of options.
The empirical question of whether or not we are sufficiently good at evaluating CEO performance can remain unanswered--what should not be questioned is that the desire of the markets and the increased education of the citizenry will only lead to improvements in paying executives.
Without changing average teacher salaries a penny, most districts could ease their recruitment problems by paying some teachers (good ones, those in high-demand specialties) more than others (less-competent ones in low-demand specialties).
It doesn't take Milton Friedman to figure out that paying more to people who marry than to those who don't encourages marriage.
In fact, using incomes from 1995, the HVS found 339 tenants paying $500 to $999 a month who make more than $250,000 and live in rent controlled units.
How does loser-pays affect big companies and other institutional litigants, which may not quake at the fear of paying any one set of fees?
Spooner, Peat Marwick, coauthor of The Corporate Tax Burden in the United States MacDonald: There is a public perception that corporations are not paying enough taxes, and I think we here share a concern that the business community is going to be targeted as a primary source of increased federal revenue.
However, if the tax is not paid by the person paying the premium to the foreign insurer/reinsurer, it must be paid by any person who makes, signs, issues or sells any of the documents or instruments subject to the excise tax, or for whose use or benefit such document or instrument is made, signed, issued or sold.
Currently, pay for performance is a hot topic because of trial balloons floated by federal officials suggesting that pay for performance might become part of third-party payer policies for paying doctors and hospitals.