paying back

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It has yet to announce the new timeframe for paying back all of the debt but has submitted an outline for approval under a revised state aid application to the European Commission.
With Grameen Bank, it's the poor people who are paying back.
An added bonus: since students would increasingly be the ones paying back their loans, they might be more likely to insist on getting their money's worth, spending less time partying and more time studying, and pushing their schools to reciprocate with lower prices and better quality.
Our long-standing strategy of capitalizing the company with a conservative balance sheet structure clearly is paying back in times like this.
To extend the paying back of $20 billion of debt it incurred in the lead up to the global financial crisis, Dubai has reached a deal with Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates' central bank.
Q-Tech and Sattar settled out of court, paying back pounds 1,271,842.
If you're due to start paying back your student loans from April 2012, you'll have the option of taking a repayment break of one or two years.
Paying back your debts is important, but having statutes of limitation is also important.
Today John Morse says his firm has not only stopped charging its clients any of their compensation but is paying back all the cash it took.
It's very tempting, but I know others who have taken money from him and ended up paying back huge amounts of interest.
Recently I heard of a single mother of two on income support having to pay back pounds 11-a-week and a pensioner couple paying back pounds 48-a-month.