paying back

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I don't agree with tuition fees at all, but if we must have them surely paying back what you borrowed is enough.
It has yet to announce the new timeframe for paying back all of the debt but has submitted an outline for approval under a revised state aid application to the European Commission.
The airline is likely to end up paying back government subsidies deemed illegal and the Greek government has said that the Commission is likely to demand repayment of some EUR500m.
Since Ramirez did not gain personally from his fraud, promised to start paying back his former employer (starting with a $25,000 down payment) and sought counseling, the district attorney decided not to seek a prison term for the 50-year-old balletomane.
When thinking about those variations, scientists often use metaphors of borrowing and paying back that are, "technically speaking, not completely right," says Brian R.
Chick, who is looking at the fund in her role as chairwoman of the council's Government Efficiency Committee, said paying back the money could help defer those increases.
Often, the acquiring company has a better credit rating and therefore a lower cost of funds and it can actually enhance profitability by paying back the acquired company debt.
The Japanese life insurers began paying back the money to Taiwanese policyholders in December 1996, but progress had been slow.
With Grameen Bank, it's the poor people who are paying back.