paying for

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Now the meaning of "credit" is this--when a customer buys a bar of soap, instead of the customer pulling out a purse and paying for it--she says she will pay another time.
I planked out the money to keep you till your baby was born, I paid for your doctor and everything, I paid for you to go to Brighton, and I'm paying for the keep of your baby, I'm paying for your clothes, I'm paying for every stitch you've got on now.
Taking the United States as a whole, there are to-day fully two hundred and fifty thousand people who are paying for two telephones instead of one, an economic waste of at least ten million dollars a year.
Pullet's remarkable memory furnished some items; and while aunt Pullet pitied poor Bessy's bad luck with her children, and expressed a half-formed project of paying for Maggie's being sent to a distant boarding-school, which would not prevent her being so brown, but might tend to subdue some other vices in her, aunt Glegg blamed Bessy for her weakness, and appealed to all witnesses who should be living when the Tulliver children had turned out ill, that she, Mrs.
For this issue, we asked our readers whether they think paying for media coverage is unethical, and whether the culture of a particular country factors into their opinion.
Paying for College: Tax Strategies and Financial Aid (# 181483JA).
Albert in benefiting from services provided to her must bear the costs involved in paying for those services.
That is the nexus of the issue, and one that has led us into a situation where we really aren't paying for performance.
2 percent in 2006, in recognition of the benefits of paying for performance rather than relying as heavily on traditional annual "merit" increases.
If paying for your child's college education is a priority, then start saving right now.
By customizing the policy and selecting a final payment day, you get protection for life but don't have to spend your life paying for it," said Scott Berlin, senior vice president, New York Life.