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They must demonstrate that they are not just paying lip service to the criticisms in the report, but have truly taken them on board.
Investors in People said its study showed some employers were paying lip service to the health of their staff.
Too many think it means throwing money at marketing fads or paying lip service to "out-of-the-box" thinking.
So was he merely paying lip service to the notion of a force with more gays and lesbians on it?
Banks are merely paying lip service to helping vulnerable consumers and are failing to meet the needs of those who are financially excluded, Citizens Advice said today.
The rest (as I explained in April's article) is in the hands of government and industry, which have only been paying lip service to any task force on high gasoline prices.
For instance, "The federal government, while paying lip service to the important role of art in our country, gives less money to all American performing arts institutions, from the Metropolitan Opera on down, than it does to the annual allocation for military bands.
There are those who believe the White House is being run by fundamentalist fanatics, and there are those who believe it's mostly paying lip service to Bush's Christian base.
The United States, though paying lip service to a strong dollar policy, likes the improved export prospects promised by a cheap dollar.
While this sounds like President Bush is making an effort to protect the steel industry, in reality the administration is doing little more than paying lip service to American interests as it works to build a WTO-headed system of global managed trade.