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This new payload combines innovative digital capabilities developed by Harris and Exelis, now a part of Harris.
A new development center will advance satellite sensing and communication technologies, broadly known as Radio Frequency (RF) payloads, at the Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) facility in Denver.
The company's team of experts and vast experience in sensor integration, vibration isolation, disturbance rejection, and dedicated video processing has made HoodTech the preferred supplier of highly mass-efficient, low SWaP, small UAV ISR imaging payloads.
eRelease MSP clients may initiate the installation of eRelease Payload by requesting IP 1958 through their DOCX Business Integration Manager or their FIS MSP Representative.
The two scientists finally used another part of the viral payload, an easily detectable genetic tag, to identify and sequence the cells' mutated genes.
Tender issueObjective: To design manufacture and test a breadboard of a low-cost multi-channel Hosted Payload Interface Unit (HPIU).
The Visiongain author of the UAV Payload and Subsystems report commented that "The next decade will see the continued use of UAVs for a variety of complex and dangerous military operations.