payment for delay

See: demurrage
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Moreover, the division requests the companies that implemented 85% or more of the project's construction works to be excluded from additional payment for delay or land retrieval, according to Badr El-Din.
The complainant also sought for award of cost and compensation along with additional payment for delayed refund under section 22 of the FTO Ordinance.
The Federal Tax Ombudsman directed the FBR to: recover Rs0.45 million from Muhammad Asghar Khan Niazi, Zonal CIR, RTO Abbottabad and Hafiz Muhammad Rafaqat, IAO, Unit Regional Tax Office Abbottabad (costs and compensation) in equal shares and arrange to pay the same to the complainant; 2, Fix responsibility regarding administrative excesses neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, ineptitude and inefficiency in the administration or discharge of duties and responsibility and initiate appropriate disciplinary proceedings against the officials found accountable; and direct the commission - IR concerned to issue additional payment for delayed refund to the complainant.