payment in lieu

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If an employee is dismissed and not asked to work his/her notice, then an employer may avoid liability for wrongful dismissal by making a payment in lieu of notice.
WHENEVER advising clients on the preparation of contracts of employment I would always spend some time discussing the advantages and disadvantages of including an express payment in lieu of notice (PILON) clause.
His service contract provides for a 12 months notice period and for payment in lieu of notice.
The company's annual report says he was handed "compensation for loss office totalling PS237,132" on top of raking in PS988,523 as payment in lieu of salary, car, pension and other benefits.
So payment in lieu of the notice period is not compensation for loss of employment (non-taxable) but payable under the contract of employment (taxable).
Dubai Women who are unable to fast in Ramadan due to pregnancy or menstruation, must make up for the days missed by fasting later -- and not by a payment in lieu.
Bristol Virginia Utilities officials ratified an agreement with the city Monday and plan to immediately make a new $100,000 payment in lieu of taxes.
As a public agency, EWEB does not pay property taxes; the money is intended as payment in lieu of taxes.
McDonald said the trustees of the private nonprofit school stopped short of calling the gift a payment in lieu of taxes, commonly known as PILOT.
It is not possible to make a payment in lieu of annual holidays, however; as a temporary measure to assist employers manage transitional arrangements, between October 1, 2007 and April 1, 2009, employers will be able to make a payment in lieu of the extra 0.8 weeks.
She advises developers and municipalities in condemnation proceedings, and has negotiated payment in lieu of taxes for developers, municipalities and tax exempt entities.
Cities and towns justifiably expected pilot payments (payment in lieu of taxes), a reasonable contribution for municipal services in lieu of tax revenues.