payment of damages

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They wanted Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, to set up search filters to keep those websites from appearing in future search results, information about the users who had posted the offending comments and payment of damages, saying Google was partly responsible for the violation of their rights.
2), Duration the framework agreement will be 24 months and the execution of the subsequent contracts may be terminated by the purchaser at any time without the payment of damages.
We successfully defended that decision in the court action raised against us by Mr Lockhart in which he sought payment of damages of PS100,000 from SLAB.
Ms Afia said that Associated had made a settlement offer involving the payment of damages and costs, and Madonna would donate the damages to The Mercy James Institute for Paediatric Surgery in Malawi.
Read again because it does not say about payment of damages that you will incur in a storm or a typhoon like [Supertyphoon] 'Yolanda.
This means insurance companies have improved their operations in terms of timely and fair payment of damages," said Zoran Stojanovski, executive member of the Council of Experts at the Agency and added that 2015 was a successful year for the insurance sector.
In the document and an accompanying letter published by FIFA, it demanded return of salaries and payment of damages.
They told me life after spinal cord injury is incredibly tough and in their experience it is especially so for those who do not receive a payment of damages for their injury.
The government approved USD 900 million for the payment of damages relating to this major project, director of KISR research department Samir Al-Zanki said.
Bank of America has expressed its desire to pay for large parts of the settlement under structuring that would allow for payment of damages to clients in different forms, such as consumer relief.
The residents have demanded of IESCO to install new transformer immediately otherwise they will sue the authority for payment of damages being caused by the voltage problem due to lack of transformer.
The legal notice to Khawaja Asif demands an unconditional apology and payment of damages for the defamation caused in Pakistan and around the world by these scurrilous allegations.