payments past due

See: arrears
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A credit report will show a profile of a borrowers credit accounts across all lenders, including repayment history, number of payments past due , and a record of enquiries made by lenders.
Qualified homeowners will receive a 0% interest loan that covers the amount of mortgage payments past due on their primary residence.
Certainly, as an account becomes several payments past due, the likelihood of pursuing legal action increases.
3 million, were two or more payments past due during the first quarter.
Through active calling and letter-writing campaigns, workshops, regional outreach events and door-to-door contact, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has reached 94 percent of its customers who are two or more payments past due.
In addition, data on the proportion of loans that have payments past due provide more direct measures of repayment problems, while personal bankruptcy statistics indicate the frequency of the most severe problems-those in which debtors find the situation so extreme as to seek resolution from the courts.
They include: looking at the credit report and/or payment history and determining if there have been any payments past due for over 30 days in the last six or 12 months; determining what the LTV ratio is, whether or not the loan is owned by Fan-nie Mae or Freddie Mac and if the loan was made on or before May 2009; and finally determining that it has not been refinanced as a HARP loan before.
CMBA considers a loan delinquent if it is two or more payments past due.
8 million) were two or more payments past due, office buildings secured 10 of those loans (nearly $300 million) and industrial represented one delinquent loan for $5.
9 million were two or more payments past due, which determined delinquencies.