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payor (payer)

n. The one who must make payment on a promissory note.

See: transferor
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We decided to implement Payor Logic's services after completing a successful pilot test with the company.
Here, only $3,000 is potentially considered alimony, as the $2,000 is child support for tax purposes and not deductible by payor or taxable to recipient.
Sounds like the perfect partnership--but how do you introduce managed care payors to your subacute program?
Our survey showed a basic disconnect in the payor community between the payors' desire and their ability to embrace next-generation healthcare business models," said Ray Desrochers, Executive Vice President at HealthEdge.
HealthRules Payor was designed from the ground up to be a core engine for today's consumer-directed and personalized benefit plans.
A payor includes a person who pays a settlement amount to an attorney of a client who has asserted a tort, contract, violation of law or workers' compensation claim against that person and the person's insurer, if the insurer pays the settlement amount to the attorney.
Case managers as the reference point will enhance marketing efforts by creating relationships with referral and payor sources and thereby encouraging repeat business.
Industry leader provides insights to payors on how to prepare to support emerging business models
The proposed regulations have been subject to sharp criticism by the payor community for a variety of reasons, including:
The findings released today are based on responses from more than 100 leaders of payor organizations across the country.
payor will not be required to report income paid for services on Form 1099 (and, therefore, the income will not be subject to potential backup withholding) if:
NEIC expects to process over 1 billion electronic transactions over the next three years, especially with the activation of the NEIC Healthcare Information Network(SM) (HCIN), the country's first multi- payor, on-line interactive healthcare information network," forecasts O'Donnell.