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Fourth, the PDL provides the material and tools for new forms of creative expression.
The team also gave talks at regional and national conferences and published papers in journals to inform the broader community about PDL and generate interest and reaction.
The faculty leveraged PDL use within the university to garner support for technical innovations that were strongly encouraged by the administration (e.
The PDL has attracted funding in competitions judged by the humanities, information and computer science, and educational communities.
As the WWW version of the PDL continued to evolve, the evidence of its impact on the field grew as more and more people accessed the corpus.
In spring 2000, the PDL was responding to as many as 250,000 requests per day.
Yet another indication of the influence of the PDL in education and the scholarly community is its expansion from Greek and Roman culture to other humanities areas as holders of important intellectual property are drawn to the technical and editorial expertise that has accrued at the PDL.
The evaluation effort has explicated many of the outcomes and challenges related to the PDL over more than a decade.
In the PDL evaluation plan, formative and summative components were originally specified to distinguish this continuum.
The PDL offers some hints of this in the ways that students are empowered to do research and investigations traditionally reserved for graduate students, professors, and other scholars; in the implications of the PDL as a humanities laboratory; in the incorporation of PDL sources into the basic infrastructure of classical studies; and in the need for new skill sets for humanities scholars who leverage technical tools to create new interpretations and expressions.
The plan was designed to be flexible in that techniques and questions could be adapted as the PDL itself and the technological and cultural contexts changed.
In contrast, the longitudinal and multifaceted approach taken in the PDL evaluation was able to tolerate contradictions and side effects by looking at long-term effects and juxtapositioning data from multiple sources.