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The days now passed as peaceably as before, with the sole alteration that joy had taken place of sadness in the countenances of my friends.
If there is a reptile in the brush, show me the creatur', and should it refuse to depart peaceably, why there must be a quarrel for the possession of the place.
Here the captain offered us a civility, which indeed we had no reason to expect, namely, to let us go on shore and refresh ourselves, upon giving our words in a solemn manner that we would not go from him, and that we would return peaceably on board again.
The boatswain, the gunner, the carpenter, and all the inferior officers, as soon as I was gone off in the boat, came up, and desired to speak with the captain; and then the boatswain, making a long harangue, and repeating all he had said to me, told the captain that as I was now gone peaceably on shore, they were loath to use any violence with me, which, if I had not gone on shore, they would otherwise have done, to oblige me to have gone.
These rights to free expression include the rights to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances without unnecessary and unreasonable impediments," the principal authors stressed.
As in case of Yemen, the Middle Eastern countries, this time Iran included, need to evolve a common strategy to fight for the rights of Palestinians to live in their country peaceably alongside the state of Israel.
What happened today is an egregious assault on the freedom Americans have to peaceably live their lives according to their beliefs.
Alice (LeBlanc) Belanger08/18/26 - 03/02/15NEW PORT RICHEY, FL - Alice (LeBlanc) Belanger, formerly of Leicester, MA passed peaceably surrounded by loved ones.
Crowfoot can be seen as a father of two confederacies: the Blackfoot and the Canadian Confederation that Alberta joined peaceably as a result of his influence.
We look forward to a time when wars are no more, Swords beaten into ploughshares, peace shore to shore, All people in our world living together peaceably, And no hurt in God's kingdom of peace will we see.
how to live peaceably with the natural world--but it reads like a litany of complaints about how badly humans treat other species--a scatter shot of doom that makes young people cry.
Piccadillo rather fell on her sword trying to boss proceedings from the worst draw, but she appeared to take to the first-time blinkers peaceably enough and could pinch a nursery granted a quieter time up front and a kinder stall.