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The tale of Hiawatha and the Peacemaker emerges as a series of dangerous quest journeys, to teach different members of the Five Nations of the Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Seneca the message of peace, forgiveness, and love between persons of all nations, an ending of fighting, hatred, and war.
The Peacemaker is of course Jesus, but it is also the church in mission called to proclaim the Peacemaker.
Other nicknames have been Peacemaker (most popular), hogleg, and my personal favorite: the Equalizer.
In the afternoon, when Ellen Crowfoot went into Gleichen to get provisions for the searchers, she found two men keen to join the search, Eric Peacemaker and Garth Solway.
JOHNGRAYhashadlimited successasanownerofsome descendantsofthe1995 Regencyfinalist Uncontrollable,butas breeder of her greatgrandson Peacemaker, the Barnet,Hertfordshi re residenthadhisfaithinthe line rewardedtothetuneof pounds 2,000whenthesonof DavesMentor-Kitty S park wonthe66thBritish-bred Two YearOldProduceStakes atSwindon .
To Young Peacemaker 'Young peacemaker wants talk not conflict (Letters, June 7), you are so right.
Thomas Harrison went from peacemaker to attacker in a disturbance in Tynemouth.
Palestinians of Tuba reported that they counted seven masked settlers, who entered and left the village on foot, and saw two cars at the outskirts of Tuba, near the chicken barns of Ma'on settlement, said the Christian Peacemaker Teams.
22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Peacemaker National Training Center, a new dynamic shooting range opening in the summer of 2011 (located just west of Winchester VA), has been chosen to hold the FNH "National 3 Gun Championship" next fall.
Mexico, weaving the history of a project's development and the critical incidents where Christian Peacemaker Team workers intervened.
FRIENDS and relatives of a tragic dad who died as he acted as a peacemaker in a pub fight will tomorrow gather to remember him.
Religion and, perhaps more so, the individual faith of local religious leaders, is a significant aspect of the Tanenbaum peacemaker stories.