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PEACE. The tranquillity enjoyed by a political society, internally, by the good order which reigns among its members, and externally, by the good understanding it has with all other nations. Applied to the internal regulations of a nation, peace imports, in a technical sense, not merely a state of repose and security, as opposed to one of violence and warfare, but likewise a state of public order and decorum. Ham. N. P. 139; 12 Mod. 566. Vide, generally, Bac. Ab. Prerogative, D 4; Hale, Hist. P. C. 160; 3 Taunt. R. 14; 1 B. & A. 227; Peake, R. 89; 1 Esp. R. 294; Harr. Dig. Officer, V 4; 2 Benth. Ev. 319, note. Vide Good behaviour; Surety of the peace.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Then the peacemakers got hold of them and led them back to cement the new friendship in the kitchen.
Summary: The editorial Riyadh can play peacemaker in South Asia (KT, Feb 20) has a positive outlook outlining the major role Mohammed bin Salman, Cro...
With my renewed fascination (more like obsession) with the Colt Single Action Army came a renewal of a friendship developed over 20 years ago with Eddie Janis, owner of Peacemaker Specialists of Paso Robles, CA.
It is not easy to be a peacemaker. It needs equilibrium, courage, and skill to listen and to gather the conflicting members of a family or a social group.
What is far from clear, however, is whether Mr Khan's government and the Pakistani state can play a more effective role as peacemaker in the region.
ISLAMABAD -- UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed his great sadness at the passing away of Ambassador Jamsheed Marker and described him a 'respected diplomat and peacemaker'.
The late Cebu Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal was a peacemaker and a beacon of courage at the time the country was facing conflict, Vice President Leni Robredo said on Wednesday.
Evans, "The Evolving Peacemaker: A Commitment to Nonviolence" seeks to address these issues by taking a compelling look at the timeless teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most respected and influential figures of the twentieth century.
Robbie Robertson learned the story of Hiawatha and the Peacemaker as part of the Iroquois oral tradition.
"Hiawatha and the Peacemaker" is a stunning musical and narrative retelling of a treasured Mohawk tale of the origin of the Six Nations, the Iroquois Confederacy, or the Haudenosaunee, people of the Long House.
Legendary musician and songwriter Robbie Robertson was only nine when an Elder shared with him the story of The Great Peacemaker and his disciple Hiawatha.