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Although the group encourages its members to pray publicly and privately, proselytizing is not part of the Peacemaker mission - members would rather live their faith than talk about it, Evans said.
The speaker of these words was called the Peacemaker, his name deemed so sacred it could only be spoken at certain times.
train robber as a courtly gent who still can handle a Colt Peacemaker while he also charms the sweet Canadians of Kamloops.
He describes his major goal in life as being a peacemaker.
In October 2000, the Peacemaker Court opened on the Tsuu T'ina Nation on the outskirts of southwest Calgary.
This soft cover 8 1/4 X 10 7/8 book offers a history of the Peacemaker, how it evolved and Americans have come to symbolize it as a reflection of the old west.
Appended are 2 tables and 17 Peacemaker Studies References.
It could turn into a brawl," explains Quoc, a Peacemaker in grade 8.
Taylor is now a professor at Princeton, and like many who've worked in the nuclear field, he's gravely concerned about the prospects of a real-life Peacemaker scenario.
But, he never wears a uniform, has his hair in a long pony tail, and prefers to call himself a peacemaker.