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Taking into account the growing fragmentation of conflict parties, the event provided an opportunity to reflect on how mediators can better connect different peacemaking tracks to ensure coherence among them.
The chairman said the opening of Kartarpur Corridor was a practical sign of the peacemaking efforts of Pakistan.
in which people are fulfilled in their work and have fair wages, that is all part of building peace in the community," said Weirick, who is working as the research and program coordinator for the Promoting Assets, Reducing Crime or PARC initiative, a joint project of the university's Center for Peacemaking and the Near West Side Partners, a community organization.
(Retd) Aslam said that while the peacemaking mission is a multilateral effort, exercise of force is very much a unilateral exercise.
Contributors from peace studies, law, medicine, and other fields offer an array of perspectives on how religion is related to conflict and peacemaking. They cover religions in dialogue, religious identity and American perspectives, religion and the defense of human rights, Christian and Muslim discussions, and religion and personal conflict.
Igad has begun displaying "unity of purpose" in support of peacemaking efforts in South Sudan, Mr Sutphin said.
Real-world stories -- many borrowing from the authors' work with the Global Immersion Project, which aims to educate Christians in conflict areas around the world on how to achieve resolution and peace -- show that such peacemaking can be a reality in everyday life.
"I am honored to be signing copies of When Cops Kill, Peacemaking, and Blue News at the Fraternal Order of Police National Conference and EXPO," said Lance LoRusso.
What I'm trying to do is bridge my academic background with practical work in peacemaking and contribute to a new approach to peacemaking that is informed by comparative religions.
This story, however, is not just about how I fell in love with the depth of the Navajo people and the cultural values they have developed over the centuries; it is a story about the system of Navajo Peacemaking and how it could be a gift to the world.
If Canada is serious about peacekeeping, peacemaking is now the requirement with resulting inherent casualties.
Hybels went on to report that the elders of Willow Creek had recently added a critical phrase about peacemaking to one of their guiding statements.