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The five-day programme was an opportunity for the subject-matter experts to impart current approaches and methodologies on peacemaking and preventive diplomacy.
Igad's peacemaking ability has been hampered in the past, however, by divisions among its members, with some openly siding with the South Sudan government and others acting behind the scenes in ways favourable to the rebels.
Real-world stories -- many borrowing from the authors' work with the Global Immersion Project, which aims to educate Christians in conflict areas around the world on how to achieve resolution and peace -- show that such peacemaking can be a reality in everyday life.
I am honored to be signing copies of When Cops Kill, Peacemaking, and Blue News at the Fraternal Order of Police National Conference and EXPO," said Lance LoRusso.
dealing with war and peace and all of the intricacies and complications of peacemaking, I moved to the academic world and spent about 10 years teaching international relations.
The nation seems confused as to peacekeeping and peacemaking.
But we have also had tremendous interest locally and there is a clear pride that the event is happening here in Coventry, especially in the year that we celebrate 75 years of peacemaking in the city.
The editors, both professors at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have created a rich tableau of the breadth and depth of world religions on violence and peacemaking.
Natalie Ralph's Peacemaking and the Extractive Industries presents an unprecedented approach to the rapidly emerging field of corporate peacemaking.
On Middle East developments, the two leaders discussed Syria, efforts to revive peacemaking between the Palestinians and Israelis in addition to counter-terror efforts.
Yet in the immediate sense, the church itself is the audience for the message of peacemaking as an integrative motif in biblical missiology, and the proclaimer is the missionary-author writing back to the churches he served.
In the peacemaking trend of the United Nations, the revision of the security structures of the countries leaving behind civil wars should take place while respecting their sovereignty and priorities," the Iranian envoy pointed out.