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Years later, I was doing research about Birmingham in the 1890s and I stumbled across the fascinating world of the Peaky Blinders gang.
Major Chester Campbell, the Northern Irish policeman played by Sam Neill who tried to engineer the downfall of the Peaky Blinders in series one, also returns with vengeance in his heart and, off the set, milk and two sugars.
Cillian Murphy on a previous Peaky Blinders shoot in Rodney Street
Most of hit drama Peaky Blinders has been filmed in the North, but some scenes will now be filmed in Birmingham <B
Wearing Tommy's sharp suit, Murphy's androgynous features and huge blue eyes make a mesmerising combination, not least when topped off with the Peaky Blinders' distinctive haircut - shaved sides and longer on top.
Peaky Blinders saw some scenes shot at Armitage Bridge Mills, while Hudderseld twins JeSS and Matt Postlethwaite made their screen debuts together by appearing in the drama.
70 Peaky Blinder cocktail - whisky and blackcurrant, based on drinking habits of the 1920s era in which the BBC drama is set.
Tony Pitts has been appearing in the popular BBC historical crime series Peaky Blinders but has been a regular on our screens in various roles for the past 30 years.
He's the brooding star of Peaky Blinders (BBC2, Thursday, 9pm), the stylish, 1920s-set Birmingham gangland drama.
We're in the 1920s and business is booming for the Peaky Blinders gang.
PEAKY BLINDERS (BBC TWO, Thursday, 9pm) RAZOR blades hidden in caps, danger around every corner and dastardly goings-on in Birmingham - that's the stuff this hit drama is made of.
The main entrance leads into the central court of the Pavilion, what promises to be a lively 25m high space topped by a peaky fabric roof.