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Results: Class 1: 46kg Z Smith (Tower Hill) wpts J Murray (Five Star)' Class 2: 52kg D Kelley (Kirkby) wpts T Allen (Brompton)' 63kg M Davies (Huyton) wpts T Flynn (Walcott)' Class 3: 40kg M Ward (Repton) wpts J Dickens (Golden Gloves)' 50kg J Smith (Westhill) wpts S Pealing (Transport)' 54kg N Dale (Kingfisher) wpts A Fowler (Golden Gloves)
The concluding pealing of a tubular bell lends a haunting touch.
He is too young to enlist in the army, but he does help the city by pealing bark from trees to supplement the food supply, assisting in the hauling of food and supplies across the frozen lake in the winter, and cleaning up the debris and dead bodies in the spring.
A BELL ringer lay in agony in a tower with a broken leg while his team kept pealing so two weddings were not ruined.
A detailed report, along with a notarized affidavit, showing how the "Landlord" repaired pealing paint anywhere in the apartment, in compliance with Local Law 38, prior to any new occupancy;
The duo does surprise with a lovely ballad, "Tomorrow the Rain," and the dance cut "Universal Thread" takes an appealing instrumental turn by using the sound of pealing church bells, but their lyrics are ponderous ("Identify with the masquerade before it starts to rain on your parade").
THE Peal O' Bells pub may not be pealing for much longer - money is so tight the landlord is even considering selling his pet rabbits to make ends meet.
Stephen Pealing of the Transport also goes in the Class 3s, looking to follow in the footsteps of older brother Michael, a former holder of this title.
What followed was a multicultural blessing climaxed by a triumphal pealing of bells.
The Golden Gloves youngster lost a controversial decision along with clubmate James Dickens while Transport's Stephen Pealing went down 5-0 to Westhill's James Smith in Class 3, 50kg.
Transport's Stephen Pealing and Skelmersdale's David Price soon restored order at 52kg and 66kg respectively, Pealing beating Hamer's Michael Blackburn on points and Price overcoming Northside's Rico Burton.