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RECREATING wetlands and restoring peat bogs and free-flowing rivers could dramatically reduce the risk of flooding, Natural England said today.
He said, 'We were brought into this blame scenario, for destroying peat bogs, but most of us were conservationists in our own ways.
Chris Freeman was appointed professor of biochemistry specialising in peat bogs.
Natural England s Chairman, Andrew Sells, said:The evidence clearly shows that the lowland peat bog habitat and associated vegetation give this site real national importance and tremendous potential for further restoration and enhancement.
The DNA of the wheatknown as einkorn was collected from sediment that was once a peat bog next to a river.
Phillippa Pearson, catchment risk manager for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water said: "Blanket peat bog is basically a big sponge, which stores water.
A peat bog over six times the size of Wales has been discovered in the Congo in Africa.
Staff from Northern Rock joined Northumberland Wildlife Trust workers at peat bog site Holburn Moss Nature Reserve, near Berwick.
World champion John Cantillon, from Dublin, will be defending his title at the event which takes place on Monday, August 26, in a 60-yard long and four-feet deep trench cut through a dense peat bog.
Following a half-mile walk onto the peat bog and a talk about the ecology and history of the site, the cadets began removing the tress and building dams, using recycled materials, to raise the water levels and restore the peat and its natural condition, thereby improving the quality of the peat bog.
Competitors had to cycle along the bottom of a 6ft deep peat bog wearing a mask and snorkel and get back in the quickest time.