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gt;What: Sardonic soap about a dynastic clan's peccadilloes and the family lawyer who must rein them in.
Beside Prince Charles, whatever his personal and anachronistic peccadilloes, they are intellectual lightweights.
And when they get caught, they blame anything - from baldness to badgers - for their peccadilloes.
With blunt sincerity, Nordstrom describes a ritualized life of privileged-class peccadilloes.
In fact, I could find no mention of it because they didn't show any great desire to manifest this side of their peccadilloes, if such existed.
Though fleshed out with attention to history and culture, the marrow of these delightfully unstructured tales is formed by the curious peccadilloes and sexual high jinks of Ebensten's tour guests.
She is known for racy novels and short stories about what she sees as the secret sexual peccadilloes of regular women--housewives, businesswomen, sorority sisters.
Thus, a society of persons less concerned about the judgment of others and less inclined to judge others as well would be a society in which the importance of secrecy and anonymity would diminish--assuming of course a legal environment in which peccadilloes go unpunished.
One writer responding to a prompt asking that he nominate someone for the "best-relative-of-the-year award" uses the fiction of an unreliable narrator, naive about all of Grandpa Dulong's dishonesty and peccadilloes, suggesting they are worthy of great praise.
The government, however, seems unmoved, intent instead on attacking the companies for their own peccadilloes.
And we haven't even explored the sexual peccadilloes yet.
That prompted a barbed riff against crime, schools and other peccadilloes of the southeast Arkansas city of about 53,000.