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Although See Through Knot and Peccadillos were premieres, and After Many a Summer Dies the Swan was a new view of earlier choreographic materials, the program, which also included two Trisha Brown works, had a few bald spots.
A joyous romp through the peccadillos and perversions of our previous elders and betters was used to illustrate the perils and pitfalls ahead for our soon-to-be heir to the throne.
Nussbaum thoroughly records their smelly backroom deals, bureaucratic botchings, conflicts of interest, and peccadillos.
Liz, no matter what her peccadillos, looks quite sensational following the birth of her son, Damian.
But by week's end, in the wake of newspaper accounts of Gandhi's sexual peccadillos, bizarre personal habits and mind-bending cult practices, his career--and perhaps Indian nationalism --lay in ruins.