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PECK. A measure of capacity, equal to two gallons. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It was observed during present study that the birds reared under free-range rearing system spent significantly greater time in litter pecking, walking and feeding behaviors as compared to the birds reared under confinements.
Free range, Confinement, Feather pecking, Aggression, Litter pecking.
In commercial turkey farming, an inverse relationship between the age and activities such as walking, laying, feeding, foraging, drinking, preening and pecking at walls has been observed (Martrenchar et al., 1999; Hocking et al., 1999; Busayi et al., 2006).
In explaining firms' financing behavior, the pecking order theory has become a widely debated model of capital structure choice.
The seminal paper by Shyam-Sunder and Myers (1999) introduces an empirical test for the pecking order theory.
Chronic pain was assessed by measuring pecking behaviour and beak sensitivity responses.
Beak trimming is performed early in the life of commercial hens to decrease injuries caused by cannibalism, bullying and feather and vent pecking (Savory, 1995).
Previously mated females again tended to select the loser of the males' pecking competition, but virgins chose the winner.--S.M.
Perseveration in a guessing task by laying hens selected for high or low levels of feather pecking does not support classification of feather pecking as a stereotypy.
Feather pecking is a behavior by which birds damage or destroy the feathers of themselves (self-pecking) or other birds (allo feather pecking), in some cases even plucking out feathers and eating these.
A study of leghorn chickens has linked hormone concentrations in a hen's eggs to her rank in the pecking order.
Theories of parental favoritism rest on the idea that, in bad times--such as when a hen is near the bottom of the pecking order--sons may not grow up to win the mating game.