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PECK. A measure of capacity, equal to two gallons. Vide Measure.

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Peanuts and black sunflower seeds are both high in oils and proteins and are therefore tops in terms of peckish snacks.
Feeling peckish a few hours later, I was regretting having put the dregs of my picnic in the boot when someone broke out a pack of sausage rolls and I ate two in three seconds.
The kangaroos are feeling bouncy, the echidnas are being prickly, the emus are feeling peckish and possums are just hanging around.
Feeling a bit peckish they're so easy to eat, Covered in custard, a favourite treat.
PECKISH tot James Waggett, above, dipped his tiny hand into Prince Charles' glass to help himself to a chunk of apple.
ALICANTE - another great Spanish destination - if you get peckish, tuck into the popular Andalucan dish arroz a banda - similar to paella.
DIDIER DROGBA, 31, was at Whisky Mist in London's Mayfair with team-mates MICHAEL ESSIEN, 26, and SALOMON KALOU, 23, when the trio felt peckish.
3pm: If I am off in the evening, I will stay on and work, but if not I will generally leave the team at 60 to finish off lunch service and if I am feeling peckish I pop over to see head chef Ashley at Host to join them for a quick staff lunch.
And if you're feeling peckish while you're in there, Walkabout has a great match menu with plenty of things you can eat at the same time as cheering and holding a beer
And the cinema has also opened a bar with hot food in the auditorium - so you don't have to travel far from your seat if you're feeling peckish.
She said she tries to see Adam Schulman as much as possible but they always argue when she's peckish.
THE winner of last week's PS200 Xword is Mrs Doris Gilbert of Peterhead YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Peckish 9 Mined 10 Inner 11 Rooster 12 Her 13 Spectres 16 Not at all 17 Aga 19 Pompeii 21 Cuppa 22 Adieu 23 Has-been DOWN: 1 Upright 2 Scenario 3 Pier 4 Immortal 5 Knit 6 Adore 8 Horseradish 13 Stake-out 14 Examples 15 Lasagne 18 Spray 20 Maid 21 Cast QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Defenceless 8 Tax 9 Cos 11 At a loss 12 Coast 13 Sam 14 Moo 15 Fireman 17 Yes 19 Oral 21 Tyne 23 Spry 25 Soya 27 Eat 29 Patriot 31 Ash 34 Foe 36 Slant 37 Surname 38 Hut 39 Wit 40 Refreshment DOWN: 1 Data 2 Exam 3 Erosion 4 Casket 5 Lycra 6 Scam 7 So-so 8 Tasty 10 Stool 16 Nor 18 Sty 20 Rye 22 Yap 24 Program 25 Smash 26 Crisis 28 Tweet 30 Alter 32 Slur 33 Hate 34 Fawn 35 Omit