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PECK. A measure of capacity, equal to two gallons. Vide Measure.

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According to vets, the earring is trapped inside the stomach of the six-month-old Peckish cockerel, which can be retrieved only after its death as it seems to be firmly stuck in the bird's gizzard.
Even a near undetectable twitch is more than enough for a peckish arachnid.
Peckish Pelicans: These tagalongs are eager to embark on the day's voyage; Marshall, Calif.
The Michael Chapman-trained Skye But N Ben enabled Tony McCoy to reach 100 winners for the campaign and the Market Rasen-based handler also saddled Feeling Peckish to land the amateur riders' handicap hurdle under Tom Garner.
Around about eleven, you're feeling peckish so you have a coffee and a biscuit or two.
The proud owner says that his clever pooch, Lele, barks to let him know when he's feeling peckish.
This citrussy chardonnay stands up perfectly on its own but if you're peckish, try it with seafood like smoked salmon or crab pate.
If all the action makes you a bit peckish, we'll perk you up again with strawberries and raspberries, courtesy of Scotty Brand.
This is a handy place to know about if you are feeling peckish or thirsty after most of the rest of the town's retail operation suddenly shuts down at 5pm on a Sunday.
1 year ago PECKISH seagulls became a tourist attraction after setting up permanent vigil outside a seaside fish shop.
Is the peckish baker's soul so dead As to miss the chance of fresh baked bread?
LOOTING SEAGULL: Despite the all gloom and doom social-breakdown of last week's riots, at least the mobile phone footage of a peckish seagull wandering into a London shop, pinching a packet of crisps and running out again with it in its beak cheered us up.