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The common carotid and subclavian arteries supply the head as well as the cervical and pectoral regions (Nickel et al.
The subcutaneous nodule in the pectoral region was a follicular cyst with laminated keratin.
In normal development, most of the embryological mammary ridges resolve, except for two segments in pectoral region, which later become breast.
between April and July 2012 were fitted simultaneously with a 24-hour Holter monitor and a Zio Patch, which is a lightweight, single-use electrocardiographic (ECG) device that was attached over the left pectoral region of the patient's chest by an adhesive patch.
Humans usually have breasts with associated nipple areolar complexes (which have different embryological development) only in the pectoral region as the rest of the embryological milk line disappears soon after its development.