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Prasad, the previously common method for correcting severe cases of pectus excavatum and carinatum required a large incision on the front of the chest and removal of portions of multiple ribs to correct the abnormal position of the sternum.
The authors concluded that in their small study, perioperative hypnosis was associated with a reduced hospital stay in patients undergoing the Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum (21).
conueniens animo genus est tibi; nobile namque pectus et Herculeae simplicitatis habes.
NATHANIEL HIGHMORE, DE PASSIONE HYSTERICA ET DE AFFECTIONE HYPOCHONDRIACA 76-77 (1660) ("Necnon in lusu illo puerorum, quo una manu pectus perfricare, altera frontem percutere conantur.
To describe why I wrote My Private Pectus, a novel for teenagers, I have to start with describing what I regard as one of the finest days of my life.
But there she was told she actually had a condition known as pectus excavatum - better known to most of us as 'sunken chest'.
It may offer planning solutions in cases where anatomical abnormalities pose a problem, for instance with chest wall abnormalities such as severe pectus excavatum.
Recently, as her lung capacity was only 60%, her pectus excavatum was surgically corrected, which it is hoped has improved her oxygen uptake.
AFunnel chest or pectus excavatum is a congenital deformity of the ribcage where the breastbone is pushed inwards leaving a dip in the chest.
The typical symptoms and characteristics of DeBarsy syndrome are short stature, pectus excavatum, skeletal dysplasia with short legs, multiple joint dislocations, especially involving the hands; skin redundancy (as seen in cutis laxa); midface hypoplasia; thin, transparent skin with prominent superficial veins; frontal bossing and aged, progeroid facies; early death; hypotonia; mental retardation; and brisk deep tendon reflexes.