peculiar feature

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Indeed, these lofty plats of table-land seem to form a peculiar feature in the American continents.
It was a peculiar feature of his position that he found himself unable to think of Elizabeth without thinking of Claire.
A peculiar feature, which presently attracted my attention, was the presence of certain circular wells, several, as it seemed to me, of a very great depth.
This breaking of wills was a peculiar feature of the period.
The peculiar feature of his government was that of whipping slaves in advance of deserving it.
To take an illustration from a sister art, the antiquarian details may be said to represent the peculiar features of a landscape under delineation of the pencil.
In thus calling your attention to some of the peculiar features in the principles, the character, and the history of our forefathers, it is as wide from my design, as I know it would be from your approbation, to adorn their memory with a chaplet plucked from the domain of others.
As a peculiar feature of NABBA, strong emphasis will be devoted to molecular mechanisms ruling biological barriers under physiological and pathological conditions, in order to develop novel nano-technological expedients for their crossing.
The detected peculiar feature of semantic space testify to the fact that for adolescents, taking alcohol, it is inherent the absence of integrity of the "Me-concept", fragmentation of images, with the growth of attraction to alcohol the "Me-concept" under formation becomes less coordinated and integral, more discrete and dysfunctional.
However, the deliberate destruction of educational facilities has been and continues to be a peculiar feature of the so-called Bahrain revolution.
With its peculiar feature, thousands of learners over the world have been attracted to his books.
Another peculiar feature of the creature is that despite being a mammal, it is essentially cold-blooded and lacks the ability to maintain a steady body temperature.