peculiar temperament

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"My friend is a man of somewhat peculiar temperament," he said quietly.
He saw great possibilities of special usefulness in that uncommon young man on whom he had a hold already, with his peculiar temperament, his unsettled mind and shaken conscience, a struggling in the toils of a false position.
Micawber's peculiar temperament is, I am convinced, a certainty.'
Her mother's death, the particular enterprise in which her father's little capital had been invested, Martin's peculiar temperament --these had moulded and were moulding Rose Wade.
The reason may be not only a peculiar temperament in Some part of the brain but that all or most of the brains Spirits are only imployed about this work, and few cal'd of[f] or Spent in the Servise of the Understanding 2.
Italians, Jews, colored Americans, white Americans were there disporting themselves with more or less abandon, according to their peculiar temperament.