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PECULIAR, eccl. law. In England, a particular parish or church, which has, within itself, independent of the ordinary jurisdiction, power to grant probate of wills, and the like. 1 Eng. Eccl. R. 72, note; Shelf. on Mar. & Div. 538. Vide Court of peculiars.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The peculiarity of the military parade this year will be demonstration of our military machines produced and modernized in our country.
The peculiarity of Argentina was the undisputed presence at the top of the upper class of the group of landlords from the Pampas (the fertile region of the Argentine East coast), probably the wealthiest landed class in Latin America in those years.
One peculiarity: the books of the Bible are listed according to their English order rather than the quite different Hebrew order.
In fact, the first thing that strikes the viewer of her most intense works is the peculiarity of her paint handling, particularly in her figures: Rather than try for subtle transitions and shadings to convey the modulations of skin, Roberts takes a paint-by-numbers approach, drawing the body's relief with thick, solid lines and whorls recalling the tinted bands of a contour map.
One peculiarity of the Asian market is the need to produce locally, which is why we operate two highly efficient production plants there--a Mazda piston manufacturing plant we recently took over and our joint venture in Shanghai which, by the way, has existed since 1997.
The complex intertwine in mnemonic field of all these issues is faced by Barbara Keller-Dall'Asta in its philosophical peculiarity with extreme terminological and conceptual accuracy and through the analysis of three sixteenth-century treatises which give evidence of the different cultural perspectives considered in that intertwine.
Epidemic meningococcal disease in Africa might no longer be thought of as a peculiarity of serogroup A meningococci.
(5) Another peculiarity in our patient was the metastasis to the spine, even though the regional lymph nodes were uninvolved.
This peculiarity has turned the rivers into natural aquariums bursting with golden dourados, reddish piraputangas, smoky-blue curimbatas and silvery, black-spotted piaus, as well as an exuberance of aquatic flora.
But his persistence paid off as he conjured a late effort from the three-year-old to catch Mensa in the dying strides for a head victory, with another two lengths back to third-placed Peculiarity.
The most remarkable peculiarity of rendering is that of significat (26:73).