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The peculiarity of the military parade this year will be demonstration of our military machines produced and modernized in our country.
The peculiarity of Argentina was the undisputed presence at the top of the upper class of the group of landlords from the Pampas (the fertile region of the Argentine East coast), probably the wealthiest landed class in Latin America in those years.
Apart from the analysis of the peculiarity of these texts and of the intellectual depth of their authors, Barbara Keller-Dall'Asta also dwells on the relationship of these memorial experiences to the main cultural and religious issues of the time; and this is evident in the vast and updated bibliography (not the only merit of this study) that arises in the author's notes and points out the intellectual dialogue sustained by the author with many scholars, not only German, who have for some years been searching forms, meanings, and relations of the Renaissance art of memory in order that they too (in their turn) rescue an all-but-marginal page of western culture from oblivion.
This peculiarity has turned the rivers into natural aquariums bursting with golden dourados, reddish piraputangas, smoky-blue curimbatas and silvery, black-spotted piaus, as well as an exuberance of aquatic flora.
The peculiarity is that all the aforementioned marketshare maintaining an occupancy of over 90 percent.
Bochner's experiments in color photography--for example, the grid of twelve Ilfochrome prints of shaving-cream and Vaseline smears that makes up Transparent and Opaque, 1968, and the two Polarized Light (both 1968) C-prints--dramatize the peculiarity of the photographic surface in their muddying of the distinction between optical and chemical color and their demonstration of the interpenetration of light and dye in the constitution of the color photograph.
To see if some peculiarity of a nostril caused the difference, the researchers retested eight of the students after their airflow patterns had switched.
Peculiarity ran his best race to date when third to Russian Revival in the Tote International Handicap at Ascot, and, on that run, he has a solid chance in the McArthurglen Designer Outlet City Of York Stakes (5.
Both pieces reveal, too, a fertile imagination that, like Taylor's and Morris's, is so daring, it seems to take its own peculiarity as the norm.
The causes and consequences of this peculiarity are not considered.