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He saw himself, stripped to the waist, with naked fists, fighting his great fight with Liverpool Red in the forecastle of the Susquehanna; and he saw the bloody deck of the John Rogers, that gray morning of attempted mutiny, the mate kicking in death-throes on the main-hatch, the revolver in the old man's hand spitting fire and smoke, the men with passion- wrenched faces, of brutes screaming vile blasphemies and falling about him - and then he returned to the central scene, calm and clean in the steadfast light, where Ruth sat and talked with him amid books and paintings; and he saw the grand piano upon which she would later play to him; and he heard the echoes of his own selected and correct words, "But then, may I not be peculiarly constituted to write?
But no matter how peculiarly constituted a man may be for blacksmithing," she was laughing, "I never heard of one becoming a blacksmith without first serving his apprenticeship.
In spite of the gloominess of nature around him, he felt peculiarly eager.
A youth passed in solitude, my best years spent under your gentle and feminine fosterage, has so refined the groundwork of my character that I cannot overcome an intense distaste to the usual brutality exercised on board ship: I have never believed it to be necessary, and when I heard of a mariner equally noted for his kindliness of heart and the respect and obedience paid to him by his crew, I felt myself peculiarly fortunate in being able to secure his services.
Alas, the studio recording rings of that era's peculiarly pasteurizing production, but still .
It's a peculiarly female thing, that urge to buy a pretty notebook, to collect coloured post-it notes, to sniff a new diary.
People have to face great difficulty while going to mosques due to bleak darkness peculiarly the elderly men.
Eudy was a lesbian and a victim of a peculiarly South African phenomenon "corrective rape", the targeting of gay women to punish or "cure" them.
Filming murder for public consumption seems to be a peculiarly Islamic terror tactic.
88 Keys, best known for production work for Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and more peculiarly, Scarface, offers his debut as an ambitious hip-hopera of sorts.
Waste not, want not," yesterday's headlines had Gordon Brown saying - and if you say it out loud you'll find yourself reverting to that peculiarly Scottish Highland brogue associated with severe, finger-wagging nannies.
Well, I don't want to give too much away, but I am here to tell you that "Moan" slithers into some totally unexpected emotional territory by the time it all gets played out, and the film is peculiarly touching if you allow it to work its strange mojo on you.