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Monetary; relating to money; financial; consisting of money or that which can be valued in money.

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adj. relating to money, as in "pecuniary loss."

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involving money, hence pecuniary penalty is a fine rather than imprisonment.
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LEGACY, PECUNIARY, A pecuniary legacy is one of money; pecuniary legacies are most usually general legacies, but there may be a specific pecuniary legacy; for example, of the money in a certain bag. 1 Rop. Leg. 150, n.

PECUNIARY. That which relates to money.
     2. Pecuniary punishment, is one which imposes a fine on a convict; a pecuniary legacy is one which entitles the legatee to receive a sum of money, and not a specific chattel. In the ecclesiastical law, by pecuniary causes is understood such causes as arise either from the withholding ecclesiastical dues, or the doing or omitting such acts relating to the church, in consequence of which damage accrues to the plaintiff. In England these causes are cognizable in the ecclesiastical courts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The "pecuniary interest" is detailed in a letter from May 2016, and is thought to refer to free legal services allegedly received by Ms Mosquito that it is claimed she failed to declare.
(5) To the extent ESG spending is profit-driven or pecuniary in nature, as a form of investment or as an offset to firm production as in pollution-abatement models, we expect firm sustainability scores should track firm capital expenditures and that the dividend tax cut should have had positive or at least nonnegative effects on firm ESG scores.
Ceriola further did not deny the fact that he had financial or pecuniary interest in Ceriola Property Holdings, and that the corporation operated the Malinao Cockpit Arena.
After convening a meeting over the case with aviation experts on Wednesday afternoon, MCS officials agreed to offer the highest degree of pecuniary compensation in cases of the death of a civil servant during duty performance in recognition of Tsai's dedication to work.
In 1848, Michigan enacted the "death act." It stated that juries could award "such damages as they shall deem fair and just, with reference to the pecuniary injury resulting from such death, to those persons who may be entitled to such damages when recovered." The Legislature amended the death act in 1873, but it only changed who would receive distributions from a plaintiff's recovery; it didn't change what the plaintiff could recover.
However, no such official may participate in discussing or vote on an issue if the following circumstances apply: (1) The official has a direct pecuniary interest in the matter before the governing body; or
New Delhi (India), Dec 18 ( ANI ): Union Ministry of Finance on Tuesday said that six new debt recovery tribunals (DRTs) have been set up in the country and the minimum pecuniary limit for filing of cases in the tribunal has been increased to Rs 20 lakh.
In filing the complaint, the Office of the Ombudsman said Ruiz had financial or pecuniary interests in the issuance of the business permit as he was a co-owner and co-lessor of the lot where the cockpit was constructed.
You can do port operations online now because the world has gone digital and those asking agencies to be present at the port have their ulterior or pecuniary reasons for doing that and government should be weary of organisations insisting on being at the port.'
It is worth mentioning that this type of action against the profiteers is of no help or service to the common man and the sum of money thus gathered through pecuniary penalties directly goes to the national exchequer.
Cynthia and Augustus were charged with one count each of violating Section 3(h) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, which prohibits officials from having a financial or pecuniary interest in a government transaction involving their office.
Insurable interest may be defined as any lawful and substantial economic interest in the safety or preservation of the subject of the insurance free from loss, destruction, or pecuniary damage.