pecuniary assistance

See: alimony
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Vernon, I think, was a great deal too kind to her when he was in Staffordshire; her behaviour to him, independent of her general character, has been so inexcusably artful and ungenerous since our marriage was first in agitation that no one less amiable and mild than himself could have overlooked it all; and though, as his brother's widow, and in narrow circumstances, it was proper to render her pecuniary assistance, I cannot help thinking his pressing invitation to her to visit us at Churchhill perfectly unnecessary.
His object was, no doubt, to obtain pecuniary assistance from Mrs.
I had hired small lodgings, which I contrived to pay for out of a slender fund--the accumulated savings of my Eton pocket-money; for as it had ever been abhorrent to my nature to ask pecuniary assistance, I had early acquired habits of self-denying economy; husbanding my monthly allowance with anxious care, in order to obviate the danger of being forced, in some moment of future exigency, to beg additional aid.
Taking this into consideration, at what amount do you estimate, in your own mind, the pecuniary assistance which you will require?"
Speaking of Lithuania, our regions with the EU pecuniary assistance saw roads repaired, apartment blocks renovated, and nice new edifices built, and so on.
Meanwhile, Al-Methen revealed that Kuwaitis then would often offer pecuniary assistance to those unable to afford the cost of the journey, an act of sheer benevolence that is seemingly embedded in this diminutive Gulf nation's culture.