pecuniary penalty

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The Federal Court ordered that Mitolo pay a pecuniary penalty of $240,000 for contraventions of the Horticulture Code of Conduct in relation to 19 contracts entered into with potato growers, arising from Mitolo trading pursuant to contracts which did not specify the time in which the price was to be agreed with growers in writing.
The pecuniary penalty concerns only the charge of leaking false or misleading information and concealing information from the public.
ASIC is seeking a declaration that ANZ breached its continuous disclosure obligations and a pecuniary penalty order.
In addition to imposing a hefty pecuniary penalty, the court sentenced PML-N supremo to 10 years rigorous imprisonment for owning assets beyond his known income.
The court said, 'The pecuniary penalty fixed in the sum of USD5m is appropriate.
The third possible explanation for Australia's low penalty level identified by the OECD was that 'Australia does not take into account the length of the contravention when determining the amount of a pecuniary penalty'.
He inspected prices of flour, fruits, veggies, pulses, spices, milk, eggs, meat, gram flour and Ramadan specific Khajla and Phenny and on knowing that the prices were higher than fixed rates, he imposed pecuniary penalty on them amounting to Rs.
Once the judgment of conviction becomes final and executory, the trial court has the ministerial duty to immediately execute the penalty of imprisonment and or pecuniary penalty,' the court ruled.
Australia Post upholds that it only divulged information to authorised agencies "under a law of the Commonwealth, or the enforcement of criminal law, or for enforcement of a law imposing a pecuniary penalty, or the protection of the public revenue," a spokesman told the Sydney Morning herald.
The maximum pecuniary penalty that can be imposed following a declaration that a director has breached the statutory duties is AUD $200,000 per breach.
The newspapers released a joint statement about the campaign and said the pecuniary penalty was not proportional to to economic opportunities of the newspapers, and noted the decision of the court was a blow on freedom of media.