pecuniary resources

References in classic literature ?
May not the minor party possess such a superiority of pecuniary resources, of military talents and experience, or of secret succors from foreign powers, as will render it superior also in an appeal to the sword?
The pecuniary resources of Another were, as they usually are, of a very limited nature.
I do not know whether he is well off now, and precisely what Marfa Petrovna left him; this will be known to me within a very short period; but no doubt here in Petersburg, if he has any pecuniary resources, he will relapse at once into his old ways.
Considering the limits of IHS's human and pecuniary resources, however, the question arises as to whether or not the agency can assume such a broad responsibility in the health of Indians.
It is in this specific area that change is needed and where change can directly affect the benefits that Indians receive from the immense pecuniary resources allocated by Congress for disability.