pecuniary resources

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Like his younger brother Henry, he had increased his pecuniary resources by his own enterprise and ingenuity; with this difference, that his speculations were connected with the Arts.
As long as it is her interest to provide herself with pecuniary resources for the future, she verbally engages to go on.
May not the minor party possess such a superiority of pecuniary resources, of military talents and experience, or of secret succors from foreign powers, as will render it superior also in an appeal to the sword?
The reason assigned for taking this step--which she certainly did not contemplate when I last saw her--is that she finds herself approaching the end of her pecuniary resources.
The pecuniary resources of Another were, as they usually are, of a very limited nature.
I do not know whether he is well off now, and precisely what Marfa Petrovna left him; this will be known to me within a very short period; but no doubt here in Petersburg, if he has any pecuniary resources, he will relapse at once into his old ways.
Bhati said: 'If a learned judge or a general possesses any assets or pecuniary resources disproportionate to his known sources of income or maintains a standard of living, which is not commensurate with his sources of income, he can be indicted under Section 9 (v) of the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance, 1999 and is liable to be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term, which may extend to fourteen years for this offence of corruption and corrupt practice.
But after that, the Kremlin, as the embodiment of Soviet power, had to funnel a lot of pecuniary resources into the Baltic countries, adapting them to the new economic realities.
ADMISSION OF EVIDENCE IN TRIAL In a stage of trial, the fact that an accused person is in possession for which he or she cannot satisfactorily account of pecuniary resources or property disproportionate to his or her known sources of income, or that he or she had, at or about the time of the alleged offence should be considered by the court as evidence of pecuniary sources or property.
He further drew attention to the fact that all these developments in former conflict areas, were taking place with a large investment of pecuniary resources on a scale not seen in development for over thirty years.
The Commissioner will take into account all movable and immovable properties and pecuniary resources, disproportionate to the known sources of the income of the incumbent, in his possession, or/and in the possession of his dependents or benamidars.
Considering the limits of IHS's human and pecuniary resources, however, the question arises as to whether or not the agency can assume such a broad responsibility in the health of Indians.