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More importantly though, the show-down over an outdated, pedagogically unsound, and un-appealable graduation requirement reinvigorated campus discussions about writing, writing in the disciplines and across the curriculum, and the rhetorical nature of writing.
Because both choral directors and voice teachers have a significant impact on their students' technical and musical development, the goal is to employ consistent pedagogic terminology across the curriculum, and to offer pedagogically sound instruction in both the studio and choral rehearsal.
Rather than focusing on control and order, teachers should promote classroom discourse that is pedagogically relevant to students and taps into out-of-school time (OST) learning.
" From a preliminary look at the Class VIII book, one can tell that pedagogically it does not follow the NCF.
But what's the truth about this pedagogically popular adjective?
It is presented every two years to innovative and pedagogically valuable products showing the highest potential to improve learning and teaching.
I believe it is pedagogically a brilliant method to use theatre in prisons.
While the debate about whether women should be allowed to study science and the fine arts raged about her, Agnesi quietly published the first complete and pedagogically appropriate textbook on differential and integral calculus in 1748.
The articles in this month's Writing Lab Newsletter reflect on the state of writing centers, administratively, pedagogically, and professionally.
Pedagogically, we know that most of us learn by doing, and service learning allows people to thoughtfully address serious social challenges that afflict communities.
While the teamwork aspect is pedagogically beneficial, that, too, is enhanced by competition.
ID is therefore pedagogically unsuitable for presentation in a science class.