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Louange de la parole may aptly be used to pedagogically introduce crucial issues in Renaissance humanism, such as the ambivalence of rhetoric, art and nature, words and deeds, spiritual generation, ethical measure, linguistic development, variety, and so on; and the footnotes do justice to the poem's breadth.
In the remainder of this review I will indicate some of Rocklin's strategies that I find most fascinating, pedagogically astute, and helpful.
0 is about personalising the e-Learning environment to be more discipline and pedagogically specific to the educational activity at hand.
This year we hope to bring you articles that provide much food for thought--both pedagogically and mathematically.
The runtime creation of pedagogically coherent learning content for an individual learner's needs and preferences is a considerable challenge.
If chemistry in Canada is to prosper, we will have to stimulate student interest by making our programs more appealing, pedagogically better, more exciting, and more obviously relevant.
The paper outlines the design principles and development process involved in creating self-contained learning objects that are pedagogically rich.
Suggestions are given for how one might make positive use of existing textbooks--including ones that are pedagogically problematic.
The pedagogically conscious Vena also provides twenty-seven pages of comprehension and vocabulary exercises, both written and oral, divided into sections for each of the play's three acts.
Pedagogically, problems could result by requiring science teachers to teach as science a model of divine creationism in which they have not been trained.
Professor Vena utilizes a familiar and pedagogically sound format for his edition of Chiarelli's play with footnotes and right marginal notes for the English translation of unfamiliar words for the target intermediate-level Italian student.
As a practical grammar, offering workable descriptions of the core morphological and syntactic features of a language, and to be used in conjunction with a pedagogically structured introduction to the language, the present volume does quite well.