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ClickView's success is based on its profile as a 'born digital'Australian company employing advanced technology, business strategy, and professional pedagogics.
Towards an idea of development for Latin America from the liberating education pedagogics
Half of the curricula specify and explain pedagogical perspectives, for example those relating to self-directed learning, active knowledge seeking, student activating pedagogics, taking responsibility for personal learning and knowledge seeking.
A fourth domain, which is included less frequently, added knowledge of teaching and learning theories and pedagogics.
Complementing her career as a soloist, she is devoted to singing pedagogics.
Michael Lorenz studied oboe and cello at the Hochschule fur Musik und darstellende Kunst Vienna (degree in music pedagogics 1990) and in 2001 earned a PhD in Musicology and History of Art from the University of Vienna.
The current findings have two immediate implications: on the one hand, a need for universities and chairs to design a funding strategy for their EE; on the other hand, the requirement for entrepreneurship pedagogics and didactics to align EE design.
As the data in Table 2 suggests, there is a small but statistically significant correlation between the collaboration and recognition and beliefs in the constructivist approach both in general and in subject pedagogics.
As already hinted at, in my view, the missing richness of architecture is gathered up in Utopia, in its social dimension and humanities basis at the very least; how a return of the two to the consciousness of architecture and urban design students might be facilitated also constitutes the utopian dimension of my pedagogics.