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portrayed as pedantically discussing an imminent nuclear holocaust.
If there had been a 'K' on the old snap, crackle and pop, I'm pretty sure it would have bothered my pedantically grammatical little mind, and stuck with me as a source of constant annoyance.
I know, I know: I'm boringly, tediously, pedantically missing the whole
It is impossible and unattainable for reasons suggested earlier: it violates the laws of verse in English, being pedantically based on rules imposed from without.
He, like Tibullus (Barsby 1973, 85), suggests a series of alternative actions that he could have undertaken, shouting (45-6) and ripping her garment (47-8), although he pedantically catches himself by stating that the puella's sash would prevent him ripping the entire garment in two (48).
To be antithetical is to reject any "coming back" syndromes so pedantically proposed in reaction to revolutionary activisms.
The title in the Orientalist image has thus a pedantically ideological function in that it directs the reader to exclude his or her own interpretation.
To imitate pedantically the line length or syllable count of Norwid's original would make the English lines look and sound simply unnatural, however.
It's not good to run away,' he interrupts me, pedantically.
Notice provisions in a promissory note should not be construed pedantically, or construed as if it were a common law pleading requirement under which every slip would be fatal.
17) In reaching this conclusion, his Honour noted that section (346) is a beneficial protective provision of the Fair Work Act that should not be narrowly or pedantically construed.
Metallic-Millesime, or more pedantically, Vintage Metallization, is a decorative technology that immediately transports the onlooker to another time and place.