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Meanwhile, a court absconder Junaid alias Sajid resident of sector G-6/2 Islamabad involved in drug peddling
Drugs haul Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Administration arrested nine people on charges of drug peddling and abuse in Mawaleh area of Muscat and Hamas area of Buraimi.
As endorsed by the House Committee on Revision of Laws, the House of Representatives has approved on second reading the proposed statute penalizing influence peddling in public transactions as contained in HB 4821.
NNA - French President Francois Hollande confirmed on Wednesday that former president Nicolas Sarkozy must have the right to "be considered innocent until proven guilty," after the judiciary's decision to accuse him of corruption and influence peddling.
Court Records show that the duo were caught after police were tipped off that one of the suspects was peddling drugs in International City.
Summary: The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has sought the imprisonment of three men over charges of drug peddling and possession of arms and ammunitions without a permit.
Dubai: A jobless man has been accused of possessing and peddling nearly five kilograms of hashish and other drugs that were seized in his car after a highway chase.
To avoid rupturing muscles, begin with a warm up of 10 minutes of peddling at a steady speed of 10km per hour.
They were warned under the 1871 Pedlars' Act on Thursday for peddling in the town centre without a certificate.
Activities will include a Paddington Peddling Bonanza - where staff will peddle for a full day on a pink exercise bike with eccentric costumes, and a sponsored obstacle course.
I hope that this inquest dispels all the myths surrounding Diana's death - and if Mr Al Fayed has been found to be deliberately peddling lies then he should be duly punished.
In recent weeks, Stewart has hosted Nobel Prize-winning economics guru Muhammad Yunus; Ishmael Beah, whose book "A Long Way Gone" details life as a child soldier in Sierra Leone; and Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, who was peddling his book "In the Line of Fire: A Memoir.