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5m will be spent pedestrianising High Street and St Mary Street
By pedestrianising roads, Kirklees Council will remove car parking spaces at the sides of these roads.
So the benefits of fully pedestrianising a road are lost.
Coun Bowen said pedestrianising High Street, which runs from the castle down to where it becomes St Mary Street, should begin in mid January.
It would involve the council having to dig up some of the work it did pedestrianising the area as part of the Phoenix Initiative.
Arguments for pedestrianising Bold Street are based on the view that it would improve the appearance of the area, as well as creating more room than the busy pavements currently allow.
While some people said they were "definitely" behind the suggestion, others were "dead against" the idea of pedestrianising Bold Street.
Pedestrianising the town centre would allow us to remove all the ugly traffic signs.
Several ways of pedestrianising the road are being considered, but the traders said they had been briefed that the top end from Castle Street to Church Street and the bottom end from Guildhall to Wood Street would be fully pedestrianised.
WORK on pedestrianising Chapel Street in Southport could get the go-ahead as early as next April, if funding is agreed.
Councillor Delme Bowen said delays resolving a pounds 10m funding gap for the council's ambitious option of fully pedestrianising the shopping strip and re-routing traffic meant other elements of the scheme would have to proceed first.
5m cost of fully pedestrianising the top end of the street and revamping traffic arrangements around the centre, including a bus route shake-up.