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Rousseau treated walking as a stimulus for reverie and invented romantic pedestrianism.
Yet, CityPlan's promotion of walking, biking, and transit use continues without adequate focus on differential contexts and populations, as in the case of the city's pedestrian studies, which focus on commercial and geographically specific areas, taking little account of pedestrianism among children.
The primary images (two cows) are slipcast, provoking a sense of pedestrianism.
Pedestrianism (4) probably began in the 17th Century.
Without exception, the individual chapters are located on a high intellectual level and written in a lucid style by scholars who manage to steer clear of the pitfalls of academic obscurity on the one hand and pedestrianism on the other.
It began with Edward Payson Weston--the Father of Modern Pedestrianism.
His sources revealed that in urban areas horse race meetings, cricket, pedestrianism and pugilism were the most commonly reported events, and that coverage of some sports increased.
She teaches and researches in the areas of transportation planning and finance, and the history of pedestrianism.
12) See Stephen Donovan (2005) for a discussion (in Chapter 2 on tourism) of the "holiday atmosphere" as organising principle of Chance, the intertextual resonances with popular contemporary texts on pedestrianism, and the way in which the landcape as gendered space structures the novel.
As a New Urbanism development, housing also will be denser than in conventional neighborhoods to encourage pedestrianism, social interaction and a sense of community among residents.