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pedestrianization of the driveway of charcot baudry street to henry iv, in the extension of the nantes walk already partially completed under the development project of the loire at the station during operation neptune-bouffay and land facing the castle of the dukes of brittany.
NACTO facilitates the exchange of transportation ideas, insights and best practices among large cities, while fostering a cooperative approach to key issues in urban planning, pedestrianization, and road design.
Also, pedestrianization on such a large scale will need to take account of the impact on vehicular traffic and alternative routes as part of a coordinated plan.
Let us call this the massification of trusts, or, the pedestrianization of trusts.
What began with the pedestrianization of the historic main street, Rua Quinze de Novembro, on that fateful morning in 1972, led to some 50 downtown blocks being set aside as pedestrian streets.
Prior to completing a downtown market analysis and action agenda in June 1997, the downtown Longmont enhancement effort had focused on infrastructure improvements, including streetscape, traffic calming, parking, and pedestrianization.
Recently, in mid-July, the annulment by the Council of State of its earlier verdict to cancel ystanbul's controversial Taksim Square pedestrianization project has been harshly criticized.
The project includes - The renovation of the tram 1, the complete overhaul of the platform structure on the station / Duchesse Anne section, and making connections between paths from both sides of the Duchess Anne station- The pedestrianization of the square and the alley Charcot- The establishment of a two-way traffic,- The development of bicycle parking capacity and improving exchanges between the different modes of travel,- The qualitative processing of connection to the Jardin des Plantes.
Pedestrianization strategies for downtown planners: skywalks versus pedestrian malls, Journal of the American Planning Association 59(3): 361-370.
Among the suggestions for improvement of street uses were paying attention to the ways that streets are used--and whether their layouts suit these uses; achieving a balance between pedestrianization and vehicles.
The Bull Ring, the city's big central square, was pedestrianized (apparently by civil engineers) at a time when pedestrianization was going through a very bad patch and it is surrounded by some of the dullest post-war buildings in the country.
In its 2014 decision, the Council of State also upheld a ruling by the ystanbul 1st Regional Administrative Court that canceled the Taksim pedestrianization project in 2013.