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PEDIGREE, descents. A succession of degrees from the origin; it is the state of the family as far as regards the relationship of the different members, their births, marriages and deaths; this term is applied to persons or families, who trace their origin or descent.
     2. On account of the difficulty of proving in the ordinary manner by living witnesses, facts which occurred in remote times, hearsay evidence (q.v.) has been admitted to prove a pedigree. 1 Phil. Ev. 186; 1 Stark. Ev. 55; 10 Serg. & Rawle, 383; 2 Supp. to Ves. jr. 110; 8 Com. Dig. 583 1 Pet. 337; 6 Pet., 81; 13 Pet. 209 1 Wheat. 6; 3 Wash. C. C. R. 243; 4 Wash.C.C.R.186; 3Bouv.Inst.n. 3067. Vide Descent; Line.

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Because the numbers of other breeds in the survey were generally small, they were grouped together to score an average for pedigrees of 20.
The Mate Select service, now available through the Kennel Club website, enables owners to assess how a proposed mating of two registered pedigree dogs will affect the genetic diversity of the whole breed.
I don't understand the whole pedigree cat concept, to be honest.
A spokesman said: "The event will bring together six internationally known speakers who are leaders in their respective fields to discuss thoroughbred pedigree analysis and genetics.
ePedigree Workflow: Each transaction in the drug supply chain needs to be recorded, which will eventually provide the pedigree of a drug.
April 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- IBM and contract manufacturer and third party logistics provider Golden State Medical Supply (GSMS) today announced the two companies have worked together to help drug companies comply with stringent prescription drug pedigree regulations in advance of state and federal mandates.
The move to Breedplan has been pioneered by the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society whose wholly-owned subsidiary company, Pedigree Cattle Services Ltd, is responsible for processing performance data for the Aberdeen-Angus breed as well as providing a bureau data input and advice service for the Simmental, Belgian Blue and Beef Shorthorn breed societies.
Until now, it was not feasible to track drug pedigrees in an open supply chain," said Dahod.
16 NATURE, adds 39 people from five generations to the original 81-member pedigree.
Recently, Dik Drug turned to the Nexus collaboration platform to expedite the exchange of pedigrees across the entire supply chain and improve communication with trading partners.
This sort of reasoning is the way many people in the bloodstock business look at pedigrees.
Over 200 million drug bottles have electronic pedigrees already, and E- Pedigree adoption will accelerate even faster now that this standard is completed," said Jeff Durand, vice president of services at SupplyScape.