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SOIL. The superficies of the earth on which buildings are erected, or may be erected.
     2. The soil is the principal, and the building, when erected, is the accessory. Vide Dig. 6, 1, 49.

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The pedons evaluated at both sites were located on relatively recent, deep road cuts on backslope positions.
Morphological and physical properties of the studied representative soil pedons Mottle quantity: few (f), common (c), many (m); contrast: faint (F), distinct (D), prominent (P).
Pedon 1 (Kanjirapally series) is a very deep soil and is situated on strongly sloping hill.
Random generation of a set of soil types and percentage areas according to the potential pedon combination's minimum-maximum values.
Pedon A has diagnostic features that include the presence of sulfidic materials 109-152 cm below the surface.
Each soil polygon mapped at the level of soil series association was studied carefully to locate the exact pedon sites.
The elevation of the pedon is 625 m and is located on a 15% slope.
Pennock DJ (1997) Effects of soil redistribution on soil quality: Pedon, landscape, and regional scales.
After which it was put in a 500ml cylinder, two hydrometer readings were taken four hours apart and fed into the pedon Software for analysis.
And in partnership with an Italian PR agency, Whitefoot-Forward PR has also started working for grains and pulses company Pedon to help launch a healthy new food range into the UK.
Pedon analysis in soil pits was carried out at each site, including detailed profile description and sampling of soil genetic soil horizons (Soil Survey Staff 1993; Kheoruenromne 2004).
Prototype effects are shown when soil scientists claim that a certain pedon is more representative of one soil class than another, although both are classified in the same way.