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* Peel away as much of the placard decal as possible and spray the residual with a product such as Goo Gone.
Like a plea for one more kiss, when he wants to peel away. Like that.
The ad seeks to explain to lawmakers that while the carried interest tax increase was originally targeted at Wall Street hedge funds, when you "peel away the onion," it is apparent that it would also have a potentially devastating impact on apartment construction, the affordable housing supply and jobs.
Are designed to peel away from their adhesive backing and be permanently placed onto the PCB site area to be reworked.
The administration has made a welcome start, but there surely is plenty of onion left to peel away.
But on the steepest inclines, the frogs' toes can begin to peel away from the surface.
"They peel potatoes and throw the peel away. They had mango today and ate the fruit but threw the peel away.
For them too, the onion-layers of armour and pretence are beginning to peel away, as they discover the courage to be their true selves--giving 'Reality TV' a whole new level of meaning.
Also try Olay's Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher to peel away damaged skin.
Ultrapack's multiple-layer thickness can be customized for each patient, because the surgeon may peel away one layer at a time (each layer is approximately 2.5 mm thick) while the pack is in a compressed state.
The tricky part: Instead of cutting all the way through to the core, peel away the tough outer layer and allow the pith underneath to remain.